CollabRx is a clinical decision-support company delivering expert solutions in precision oncology that enable physicians, laboratories, payers, and providers to achieve standardized, evidence-based care and superior clinical outcomes.

Our mission is to organize the world’s knowledge in molecular medicine and make it universally acceptable and useful.

To accomplish our mission, CollabRx is changing the way personalized healthcare decisions are made by combining the power of proprietary cloud-based expert systems with insights from the nation’s top clinical experts. This approach to molecular medicine provides physicians, patients and researchers with the ability to rapidly and accurately identify relevant drugs, clinical trials, diagnostics, medical tests and therapies associated with specific genetic profiles.

Genomics-based medicine is guiding drug and test development, which has resulted in an explosion of information that is impossible for keep up with, yet is important for its therapeutic significance. Clinical interpretation is critical in turning this information into action and the CollabRx solution enables individuals to stay current in a fast-changing and complex space. Delivering this highly credible information to patients and physicians at the point of care enables optimal decision-making.

“One patient, one physician, a shared decision.”
Optimal healthcare decisions are made when everyone has access to the latest and most credible information.

Expert Systems

CollabRx works with leading clinical advisors to develop highly scalable expert systems to inform the practice of personalized medicine, beginning with oncology, an area of significant clinical need. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence analytics, CollabRx’s data aggregation system is the most dynamically updated platform available. The system is programmed to collect the latest genetic and molecular information available as frequently as daily, giving users access to the latest medical research anytime, anywhere.


CollabRx has a large and growing network of 50+ clinical expert advisors with deep domain knowledge in molecular medicine in oncology, pathology, and ethics.