Seeing Your Brand Through a Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope is an eyepiece that you look into. On the other end are an opaque window and a compartment that has several pieces of colored glass, paper, beads, etc., in different shapes and sizes. In front of that is beveled, cut into a pie-shaped form, glass prism.

The objective of the kaleidoscope is to display an infinite variety of colorful geometric patterns; with each shifting of the colored pieces, the geometric pattern changes. Thus, as the kaleidoscope turns, geometric patterns flow from one delicate pattern to another. Though sometimes the geometric patterns appear similar in form, they always vary.

The metaphor of the kaleidoscope can be used to describe your personal brand identity and personal brand image. The pieces of colored glass or other objects represent your personal brand identity, which does not ever change; they should remain constant and congruent. Whereas, by turning the kaleidoscope to create pattern changes is more like your personal brand image, which can easily shift based on the perception of others.

Your personal brand identity is made up of who you are, what you stand up for and your authentic value that is the heart of your personal brand. Identity is everything you want others to know and experience about you consistently. Using a marketing agency to build a successful personal brand with genuine integrity; it is the cornerstone of your personal brand identity. Personal Branding DNA believes that integrity consists of substance over style – it is not about being an icon as some personal branding strategists would have you believe. Instead, it is about getting real with yourself and others. It is about developing a character that is adaptive to the world around you without selling out, engaging others through a world of shared meaning, and the ability to inspire genuine trust in others from who you are and your authentic value. It is having a guiding purpose and principles that give you self confidence to be true to yourself through honor and dignity.

As humans, our eyes and brain create a kaleidoscope of impressions: past and present; real and perceived; rational and emotional. Personal brand image is what is physically in front of others’ eyes and senses who experience you, and what their brain does with that information. Like a kaleidoscope, personal brand image can shift into new and different patterns from how others perceive you at any given moment. That is why it is crucial by using SEO services to architect your personal brand from the inside-out; why you must be able to clearly articulate what is genuinely unique about you and your authentic value. Since personal brands are created in a kaleidoscope mind, the best way to build trust in others in order to achieve brand appeal and acceptance is through:

  • Creating real and satisfying relationships focused on who you are, what you stand for and your authentic value rather than on the “outer facade” of relationships.
  • Treating your own personal brand ethically from your deepest core values and extending that out to others, radiating it outward to the world.
  • Building your personal brand image with deep integrity one day at a time. Remember, personal brands are born and die in the blink of an eye with today’s fickle audiences. You can’t afford to be mentally lazy or unaware of how you are impacting or influencing others day in and day out.
  • Championing, communicating, and reinforcing your personal brand identity with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Promoting collaboration with others who can help further support your personal brand message as well as choose the best way to build your personal brand on social media platforms.

To sum up: if you want to genuinely architect a successful personal brand, think about this: Can you separate the colored pieces from the part of the kaleidoscope that can shift into colorful patterns? The only way to separate the two is to shatter the glass prism that creates different patterns from the solid pieces. You and the perceptions others have of you are inseparable. Treat your personal brand identity and personal brand image as an integral part of who you are through your life’s purpose. Recognize that they are as much a part of you as your dreams and visions you want to shape and accomplish in the world. Your personal brand can bring you a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences when you remember who you are, what you stand for and your authentic value are what other’s experience about you than what you do or offer. It is recognizing that the real bottom line of any successful brand is the importance of trust; it is the humanity of your personal brand’s greatest potential. Be the kind of brand that others can trust, and you will be the personal brand they buy from and buy into, or hire you.

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