Research & Clinical Trials

For Foundations and Medical Research Groups

CollabRx engages each client in a customized way and builds each team of researchers into a collaborative community, focused on one goal: finding treatments and cures in the shortest possible time.

If your foundation or medical research group is interested in partnering with CollabRx, please contact us.

Going the extra mile. Going the faster mile.

The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (BJALCF) is linking together over 40 scientific/medical investigators and institutions with the goal of accelerating the cure for an increased survival from lung cancer. Working directly with the investigators, the CollabRx professional services team actively facilitated the development of both an organizational structure for this virtual research group and an overall research agenda. The collaborative research teams of investigators will accelerate a prioritized set of research projects.

CollabRx worked together with the BJALCF to speed up new diagnostics and therapies for this dreaded disease.

Divide and conquer.

CollabRx has teamed up with leading scientific and clinical experts from four major research institutions to form a new melanoma “virtual biotech.” The goal of this consortium is to make a translational impact upon melanoma within three years. CollabRx has partnered with the melanoma consortium to put together a strategic plan that aims to identify distinct melanoma subtypes, provide better diagnostics and prognostics, improve clinical management and streamline the development of new therapeutics. The CollabRx team will facilitate the development of the overall research agenda and accelerate a prioritized set of projects by taking advantage of state-of-the-art genomic technologies, and virtually connecting large collections of clinically-annotated melanoma tumor tissue and cultured cell lines. The melanoma consortium will build upon the CollabRx platform to share data, knowledge, clinical resources and services, track workflows, collaborate on data analysis, and continually coordinate research priorities and resources.

Every participant in the melanoma consortium leverages the network and brings new resources and intellect to the community. While each research team leads a specialized role, working together, the consortium is able to divide and conquer, thereby driving powerful network effects.

Every second count.

SOAR-NPC (Support of Accelerated Research for Niemann-Pick disease type C) is a research collaborative developed by the Hide & Seek Foundation for Lysosomal Disease Research and sponsored by the Dana’s Angels Research Trust (DART), with the goal of accelerating therapy development for a neurodegenerative disorder in the lysosomal disease family. CollabRx has partnered with SOAR-NPC to facilitate the development of a strategic plan, aimed at creating a combination therapy within three years that prevents or significantly delays the onset and progression of the NPC disease. The plan incorporates projects at different stages, including in vivo studies in mice, high-throughput in vitro screens of additional agents and compounds, and the development of biomarkers. The CollabRx professional services team helped SOAR-NPC make strides in the research plan, including re-prioritizing research projects with the focus on developing the NPC combinatorial therapy, and facilitating pre-clinical testing. CollabRx also worked to enable SOAR-NPC researchers across multiple institutions “to work as if in one lab,” by leveraging the CollabRx research platform for data and knowledge management, portfolio management for candidate compounds, and process management for orchestrating workflows.

SOAR-NPC and CollabRx are working together to make every second count in the urgent quest for NPC therapies.