Identify the most clinically relevant therapeutic options to inform treatment planning.

The last several years have seen an explosion in the number of approved and investigational targeted cancer therapies. Confronted with an expanding landscape of molecularly-associated therapeutic options, oncologists need the right contextualized information to choose the best treatment options for specific patients. Find out about how CollabRx solutions can work for you.

Genetic Variant Annotation (GVA™) Service

Laboratories: Accelerate delivery of laboratory results with our on-demand, cloud-based system for interpretation of somatic variants in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

The GVA provides rapid delivery of comprehensive, structured datasets and formatted summary reports that provide relevant approved and investigational treatment options and fully annotated summaries of supporting evidence from published research.


Select content to suit your lab’s reporting requirements using in-depth, structured XML data of treatment optionsDeliver time-critical results in 1 business dayScale to any sample volume with our high-performance software and expertly curated knowledgebase

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CollabRx Clinical Trial Matcher

Oncologists: Quickly and easily identify the most appropriate clinical trials for your molecularly characterized cancer patients with this interactive, web-based service.

The CollabRx Clinical Trial Matcher supports trial matching for hundreds of biomarkers and thousands of variants found in solid and hematologic cancers.

A more effective approach to matching patients with trials
CollabRx’s unique trial matching methods go beyond simple mutation searches to identify all investigational therapies of greatest potential relevance to your patients.

Our approach leverages both specific molecular inclusion/exclusion criteria and strategies that connect published evidence associating the potential benefit of a drug or drug class to a variant or variant class in the context of a given diagnosis.


Expand Treatment OptionsSearch More EffectivelyEasily Prioritize Results
Identify the most appropriate clinical trials for your patients based on the molecular profile of their tumors.CollabRx’s unique trial matching methods go beyond simple mutation searches.Identify all potentially relevant trials, including those for novel therapies without molecular inclusion criteria.Quickly identify the best candidate trials using intuitive controls.Sort, filter & prioritize based on criteria such as geographic location, drug/drug class, specific variants & trial phase.

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