CollabRx was co-founded in 2008 by a Silicon Valley tech pioneer/survivor of metastatic cancer and a Stanford professor with an expertise in biocomputing and Artificial Intelligence. They understood from personal experience that incredible amounts of information was available to patients and physicians over the “Cancer Internet”, but very little of it was truly personalized, actionable, and expert vetted. Consider there are over 500 new therapies in clinical development, more than 10,000 cancer-related clinical trials, and over 100,000 papers on cancer published each year, and it’s rapidly changing all the time––making it impossible for any one person to keep up.

CollabRx was started with the goal of bridging this knowledge gap and providing easily accessible information to patients and physicians by applying advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques in combination with actual clinical experts (i.e., “expert systems”) to filter the world’s knowledge in molecular medicine down to essential, highly curated content.