For Patients

CollabRx ONE – Personalized oncology research services

CollabRx understands that every cancer patient is unique. Each cancer has a unique genetic profile that may point the way toward an individualized therapy program.

CollabRx ONE is a personalized oncology research service, providing scientific information for the purpose of helping patients and their doctors identify optimal therapeutic options. CollabRx ONE uses state-of-the-art molecular and computational approaches to characterize the biology driving an individual’s cancer, and presents this biological information to the physician to use in their clinical decision-making process.

CollabRx ONE sets a new standard in personalized molecular medicine by using technologies that have never before been applied in predicting responses in individual patients. Available technologies include:

  • Comprehensive molecular profiling based on gene expression, SNPs, copy number, and DNA sequencing
  • Computational and systems biology to identify the biologically active pathways
  • Exhaustive scientific literature search and analysis to propose combinatorial therapies from thousands of approved and experimental drugs
  • In silico, in vitro and in vivo validation of therapies based on cell lines generated from individual biopsy samples