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Molecular Disease Models & Applications Editors Editor-In-Chief George D. Lundberg, MD Executive Editor Smruti Vidwans, PhD Assistant Editors Michelle Turski, PhD Vivian Douglas, PhD Helen Sadik, PhD Editorial Advisory Board (Full List) George Lundberg, MD (Chair) Fred Appelbaum, MD Tanios (Tony) Bekaii-Saab, MD Douglas Blayney, MD Arthur Caplan, PhD Susan Cohn, MD E David Crawford MD […]

Cancer Specific Chief Editors

Melanoma Co-Chiefs David Fisher, MD Dr. Fisher is chief of the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). He also serves as director of the MGH Cutaneous Biology Research Center and director of the Melanoma Center at MGH. Fisher’s research has focused on understanding the molecular and genetic […]

Editorial Advisory Board

George D. Lundberg, MD, Editor-In-Chief, Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board, & Chief Medical Officer In addition to serving as Editor-In-Chief for CollabRx, Dr. Lundberg is President and Chair of the Board of Directors of The Lundberg Institute, a Consulting Professor at Stanford University, and Editor at Large for Medscape from WebMD. Dr. Lundberg has […]