About CollabRx

By using information technology CollabRx is trying to fulfill its mission to save lives by accelerating the research and personalizing the cancer treatments of the patients. We have applications and services that are web-based and are powering Cancer Commons, an open-science cancer community, that is providing collaboration between physicians, researchers, and patients on subtypes of cancer toward the goal of more accurately predicting responses of the individual to the specific therapy.

Participants are using the these applications and services to discover different tests, therapies, then discuss various cases and recommend treatments, analyze data, report outcomes, access the laboratory, and analytic services, and ultimately improve collaborative models of cancer biology and treatment.

For physicians that have patients who have been failed by the standard of care, Cancer Commons provides high-value information and access to laboratory services to inform personalized cancer treatment planning.

For patients which disease is already late-stage disease, Cancer Commons provides personalized and actionable information about relevant therapies, clinical trials, and lab tests, that can be shared with your oncologists.

For researchers who are trying to help the patients and learn from them, Cancer Commons provides unique opportunities to engage with a community of clinicians and patients committed to improving patient outcomes by continuously testing and refining their models of cancer biology and therapies.

For life science companies who are involved in therapeutics, molecular diagnostics, and laboratory services for the oncology department, Cancer Commons provides an ethical way to promote awareness and a revolutionary paradigm that will slash the time and cost of developing and distributing new products and services.