UC Santa Cruz Builds National Data Center for Cancer Genome Research

SANTA CRUZ, CA–The University of California, Santa Cruz, has completed the first step in building a sophisticated infrastructure to manage and analyze the data. The emerging field of “personalized” or “precision” medicine holds great promise in the fight against cancer. If scientists can identify the genetic changes that drive each patient’s cancer cells, they can use that information to develop targeted treatments. But achieving this goal will require massive amounts of genomic and clinical data. UC Santa Cruz bioinformatics expert David Haussler’s team has established the Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub), a large-scale data repository and user portal for the National Cancer Institute’s cancer genome research programs. CGHub’s initial “beta” release is providing cancer researchers with efficient access to a large and rapidly growing store of valuable biomedical data. The project is funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) through a $10.3 million subcontract with SAIC-Frederick Inc., the prime contractor for the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

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