Marty Tenenbaum Presents Keynote at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

CollabRx founder Marty Tenenbaum presented the keynote address at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 16th annual Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference (TriCon): “Therapy Development in a Networked World” on February 25, 2009.

A new paradigm for translational research was described that combines the integrative and collaborative power of the Internet with personalized molecular analysis to slash the time and cost of therapy development. A key element is the creation of Health Commons, an open web-based ecosystem of researchers, clinicians, patients, pharma/biotechs, and service/technology providers that can be rapidly mobilized to develop targeted therapies for disease subclasses. This ecosystem will stimulate the same radical increase in effi ciency for therapy development that ecommerce brought to business in the 1990s, ushering in a new age of collaborative, personalized medicine where every patient can afford custom therapies and discovery is driven by collectively interpreting the outcomes across all patients.

Download Dr. Tenenbaum’s keynote presentation (PDF)

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