Jay Tenenbaum Urges Collaboration To Treat the Long Tail of Disease

In the powerful opening keynote at CHI’s Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference on Wednesday, Jay “Marty” Tenenbaum, founder and chairman of CollabRx, urged members of the life sciences community to share their resources to empower personalized research and help satisfy the unmet medical needs of the “long tail” of disease. “As a patient… I want to tap all of the world’s knowledge and all of the world’s resources into curing my disease,” Tenenbaum said.

Tenenbaum, a highly successful Internet entrepreneur in the 1990s, is a cancer survivor. Ten years ago, suffering from metastatic melanoma, he was given 12 months to live. He researched various experimental drug treatments, and credits a failed cancer vaccine, among other drugs, for saving his life. Through the company he founded, CollabRx, Tenenbaum aims to leverage the extraordinary untapped expertise and resources across the industry to empower individual patient healthcare through personalized research.

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