Health Commons: An e-Business Approach to Collaborative Therapy Development

Marty Tenenbaum presented the Luncheon Keynote address at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s “Collaborative Innovation in Biomedicine” conference on June 23, 2009.

Competitive models of drug discovery and development are broken — not just failing to discover new blockbuster drugs, but failing to contribute meaningful research that can be leveraged to develop more personalized, molecularly targeted therapies. Conventional consortia, while useful, are themselves silos, limited in their ability to broadly share findings and infrastructure, and thus to impact commercial drug development. What’s needed is nothing less than reworking the entire business model for therapy development – processes, economics and culture — into a thoroughly collaborative model that exploits the spectacular breakthroughs in genomics and information technology to slash the time, costs and risks of therapy development. Health Commons is doing just that, through an ecosystem of knowledge and research services that can be rapidly assembled to develop therapies for patients with serious unmet medical needs. Health Commons aims to create the same radical increase in efficiency for therapy development that commerce saw in the 1990s.

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