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GVA – Comprehensive Content Informs Therapeutic Decisions in Precision Oncology

The GVA Service supports interpretation of somatic variants for adult solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

The GVA interprets a wide variety of genetic alterations including single base pair substitutions, nucleotide insertions and deletions, frameshifts, copy number alterations/variants (CNVs) and genetic translocations/fusions.

There are hundreds of therapeutically relevant biomarkers and thousands of genetic alterations, drugs, and annotated clinical trials in the GVA knowledge base.

Summaries of evidence provided in GVA datasets support clinical decision-making and include expert-vetted commentary describing clinical impact, therapeutic strategies, and relevant drugs and clinical trials to consider during cancer treatment planning, including on and off-label therapeutic options.

Clinical guidelines, citations from the peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature, and other authoritative sources of information are used to support of all information provided in GVA datasets.

Genetic Variant Annotation™ (GVA™) Software Service

The CollabRx GVA Service provides for a fully automated and scalable medical informatics solution to inform patient treatment planning by seamlessly pairing the results of genetic sequencing tests (generated on any platform) with clinically actionable and dynamically updated knowledge (provided by CollabRx in the form of interpretive reports and datasets).
Knowledge contained within GVA reports includes the clinical impact of specific genetic profiles and associated therapeutic strategies such as drugs and clinical trials.  This content leverages the CollabRx semantic integration platform, a proprietary technology that enables CollabRx scientists and physicians to dynamically update the company’s knowledge base with the latest medical and scientific data available in the public domain. 
This knowledge is further contextualized in collaboration with CollabRx’s large network of leading clinical practitioners in the U.S. and Europe.

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