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Dynamically updated medical and scientific information to enable personalized medicine.


Highly scalable solutions to organize and interpret the world’s knowledge in molecular medicine.


Easily accessible and widely useful clinically relevant knowledge via Web-based and mobile platforms.


Access to current knowledge on-demand and delivered as a service over the Internet.

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CollabRx Blog: Meet and Ask the Experts George Lundberg, MD CollabRx Editor-In-Chief and Chief Medical Officer Read More

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The Genetic Variant Annotation provides rapid delivery of comprehensive, structured datasets and formatted summary reports providing relevant approved and investigational treatment options from published research. The Clinical Trial Matcher identifies the most appropriate clinical trials for your molecularly characterized cancer patients with this interactive, web-based service.

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A Proposed New FDA Drug Approval Pathway: “Conditional” by Al Musella, DPM and Marty Tenenbaum, PhD


Expert-vetted knowledge linked to peer-reviewed literature and in partnership with highly respected professional service organizations.