CollabRx named in FasterCures “Ten to Watch in 2008” Mid-Year Review

Science 2.0. On June 3rd, members of FasterCures’ TRAIN network of disease research foundations spent some time with two innovators in the use of online platforms for scientific collaboration. June Kinoshita, Executive Editor of Alzheimer Research Forum, a pioneering e-community for Alzheimer’s researchers, is currently working on an ambitious project called Semantic Web Applications in Neuromedicine (SWAN), which will create a common semantic framework to allow researchers to more quickly and seamlessly integrate and combine data from diverse sources rather than just exchange documents.

Jeff Shrager, Chief Technology Officer of CollabRx, demonstrated its product – a “virtual biotech,” a Web-based collaborative research platform that would enable funding organizations and research teams to manage, track, and prioritize their operations as well as to share data, knowledge, resources, and services. CollabRx is also working with Science Commons on its Health Commons initiative, which envisions a virtual marketplace or ecosystem where participants share data, knowledge, materials and services to accelerate research.

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