CollabRx Launches New Service to Guide Personalized Cancer Treatment: CollabRx ONE

CollabRx, Inc. announced today the launch of its new personalized cancer research service, CollabRx ONE, designed to provide physicians with new insights into specific treatment options for their cancer patients.

CollabRx ONE scientists use state-of-the-art genomic technologies, including gene expression, SNP analysis, and copy number variation, to analyze biopsies of an individual patient’s tumor. The company then conducts in-depth scientific analyses based on proprietary bioinformatics and systems biology techniques to analyze the molecular mechanisms involved, and links the specific cancer to relevant therapies from among thousands of approved pharmaceuticals. A full analysis is presented to the physician for integration into the individual patient treatment plan as appropriate. The program has been piloted with a select group of physicians and patients over the past year.

In his keynote address to Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 16th annual Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference entitled “Using Molecular Medicine to do Therapeutic Development in the Network Age”, CollabRx founder and melanoma survivor Jay M. Tenenbaum, PhD praised the new service as a clear step forward into the future of personalized medicine. “At top medical centers, tests are routinely performed to obtain molecular information on patients’ cancers. But, these tests usually screen for the presence of a single gene to affect decisions about a single drug.” Dr. Tenenbaum explained. “CollabRx ONE scientists look at 15,000 genes simultaneously, in the context of a patient’s full medical situation, and adds advanced technologies to find evidence supporting the potential use of any of the 5,000 approved pharmaceutical therapies and possible investigational compounds. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to assist physicians in finding therapies to treat a patient’s specific disease.”

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