CollabRx, Alacris Partner on Cancer Sequencing Project

CollabRx, a San Francisco-based personalized cancer research services firm, today said that it has initiated a cancer sequencing project in collaboration with Alacris Pharmaceuticals.

The company said that the firms will work together on the TREAT 1000 project, which will sequence 1,000 genomes of people with cancer. It said that the project will “create a compendium of cancer genome information that will inform future research and treatment.”

CollabRx has been piloting its CollabRx One services program over the past year. The program uses a variety of genomic technologies for gene expression, SNP analysis, and copy number variation to analyze biopsies of tumors. The firm then uses bioinformatics and systems biology methods to link specific cancers to relevant therapies, thereby providing physicians with information they can use to tailor a treatment plan to individual patients.

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