Plumbing the core and nibbling at the margins of cancer

A Fully Integrated Histo-Molecular Pathology Report

Margaret L. Gulley, MD, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Q: The CAP, ASCO, ASCP and AMP have developed guidelines for interpretation and reporting of NGS variants in cancers. These analyses are performed in a wide range of types of labs and involve professionals from many disciplines. The […]

Paying for Precision Oncology – Who Decides?

Patricia Deverka, Principal Researcher, Health Care Group American Institutes for Research, Chapel Hill, NC; Adjunct Associate Professor, Center for Pharmacogenomics & Individualized Therapy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Q: Paying for Precision Oncology – Who Decides? A: There is tremendous enthusiasm for the scientific rationale and clinical promise of precision oncology amongst researchers, […]

A Plea for Gold Standards in Precision Oncology

George Lundberg, MS, MD, ScD, MASCP, FCAP, Chief Medical Officer and Editor in Chief, CollabRx, a Rennova Health Company; Editor at Large, Medscape; Executive Adviser, Cureus; Consulting Professor of Pathology and Health Research and Policy, Stanford University; President and Chair, The Lundberg Institute; @glundberg Q: Is Precision Oncology Accurate? A: Precision oncology in 2017 is […]

Precision Oncology: Requirements for the Next Leap Forward

Razelle Kurzrock, MD, Chief, Division of Hematology and Oncology, UCSD School of Medicine; Senior Deputy Director, Clinical Science; Director, Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy; Director, Clinical Trials Office, UCSD Moores Cancer Center, San Diego, California Q: Some workers in the field of precision oncology are growing despondent because of observed limitations of therapeutic effectiveness. What […]

Clarity Still Awaited for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Nelson N. Stone, MD, Professor of Urology and Radiation Oncology at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, NY; CEO and Founder, 3DBiopsy, Inc., Aurora, CO E. David Crawford, MD, Professor of Urology and Radiation Oncology at The University of Colorado, Anschutz Campus, Aurora, CO; Medical Advisor and Founder, 3DBiopsy, Inc., Aurora, CO […]

AACR: Advances in Precision Medicine to Continue

Srivani Ravoori, PhD, Associate Director, Science Communications; American Association for Cancer Research Intro: The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) publishes a forecast blog post at the start of each year to ask prominent cancer research leaders what they envision the new developments will be in areas like immunotherapy, precision medicine, cancer prevention, and health disparities. […]

Why the 21st Century Cures Act is a Good Thing

Mary Woolley, President and CEO of Research!America Follow David Q: You attended the December signing by President Obama of the 21st Century Cures Act and are recognized to be a strong supporter. Yet harsh criticism of it has quickly appeared in JAMA, BMJ, a variety of other venues, as well as on these pages. Please tell […]

Best Uses of PM&R in Patients with Cancer

Val Jones, MD, Medical Director of Admissions, Saint Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, Spokane, WA Follow Val Q: Your principal practice in Spokane, Washington is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. What do you find to be the best uses of PM&R in patients with cancer at your facility? A: Rehabilitation medicine is one of the best-kept secrets in […]

The Importance of Clinical Trial Matching

Adrienne Craig-Kennard, MBA, VP Global Business Development & Strategic Alliances at CollabRx Follow David Q: You have served as Vice President, Global Business Development and Strategic Alliances of CollabRx for more than one year. How do you rank the importance of the CollabRx Clinical Trial Matcher in the “big picture” of cancer care? A: Thousands […]

The Autopsy is Essential in Proper Cancer Care

David S. Priemer, M.D., Resident Physician in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology, Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Indianapolis, IN; Follow David Q: The numbers show that American physicians are ready to cast the medical/hospital autopsy into some relic or trash bin. Yet some physicians believe that the low tech […]