Jeff Shrager

Jeff Shrager

Lung Cancer Molecular Disease Model Published in PLoS ONE

A team including leading lung cancer researchers, and CollabRx scientists, has just published a novel Lung Cancer Molecular Disease Model in PLoS ONE, a leading peer-reviewed open source journal. (

CollabRx Targeted Therapy Finder noted by FDA (Genome Web)

An article appearing in the Nov. 2, 2011 issue of Genome Web highlights the CollabRx Targeted Therapy Finders in the context of a discussion about the complexities of pre-screening regarding clinical trials for personalized (targeted) therapies.

PLoS ONE: A Melanoma Molecular Disease Model

Peer Reviewed Molecular Disease Models While advanced melanoma remains one of the most challenging cancers, recent developments in our understanding of the molecular drivers of this disease have uncovered exciting opportunities to guide personalized therapeutic decisions. Genetic analyses of melanoma have uncovered several key molecular pathways that are involved in disease onset and progression, as well as prognosis. […]

PLoS ONE: Targeted Therapy Database (and Analyzer)

Online Tools for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics Analysis We created a manually annotated database (Targeted Therapy Database, TTD) where the relevant data are gathered in a formal representation that can be computationally analyzed. Dedicated algorithms were set up for the identification of the prevalent therapeutic hypotheses based on the available evidence and for ranking treatments based […]