Challenging Oncology Therapies with Moonshot Price Tags

Pramod John, PhD, CEO, VIVIO Health, San Leandro, CA; Email: Placeholder Placeholder Q: Some American pharmaceutical companies are well-known for pricing drugs at “whatever the market will bear”. In oncology, some specialty drugs seem to have price tags completely unrelated to the proven effectiveness of the drug. Your company has been taking a lead […]

Protected: Using High Content Imaging for Biomarker Discovery to Support Precision Oncology

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Accuracy and Precision Define Radiation Oncology

Eddy Yang, MD, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair of Translational Sciences Department of Radiation Oncology; Deputy Director, Associate Director of Precision Oncology at the Hugh Kaul Precision Medicine Institute; Birmingham, AL; Email: Follow Eddy Q: You are a radiation oncologist with a particular interest in cancer of the prostate. How does the molecular study […]

Precision Oncology in the UK in 2017

Justin Stebbing, MA FRCP FRCPath PhD, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Medical Oncology at the Imperial College/Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK; Email: Q: Science is universal but the practice of medicine varies widely by geography, economics, and culture. The United Kingdom is an advanced developed country with universal healthcare. How […]

Using Data Analytics to Make an Impact in Brain Cancer

Lisandra West-Odell, PhD, Scientist and Product Manager, Cancer Commons, Los Altos, CA; Email: Follow Lisandra Q: Reflecting the current reality of a brain cancer diagnosis, how can Cancer Commons positively impact the treatment and outcome of each patient diagnosed with brain cancer? A: Just over two and a half years ago the March 30, […]

Life After Oncology

Professor Michael Baum, Professor Emeritus of Surgery & Visiting Professor of Medical Humanities, University College, London, UK; Email: Q: You have recently decided to “withdraw from the field” after a distinguished multi-decade career in Surgical Oncology. Many of our readers will confront a similar choice. How do you see your life evolving from here […]

Huge Progress in Palliative Care

Diane E. Meier, MD, FACP, Director, Center to Advance Palliative Care; Professor of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York, NY; Email: Follow Diane Q: You wrote in MedGenMed in 2007 that palliative care was the job of all hospitals (MedGenMed 2007; 9(3) 6. July 7. PMCID:PMC2100088). In […]

How I Survive Cancer

Erin Maloney, Intrepid explorer, Amateur photographer, Aspiring leader; Toronto, ON; Email: Q: You have recently disclosed that you have had a diagnosis of cancer and described your experience in some detail on Medium. What does it mean to you to be a “Cancer Survivor”? A: Calling myself a survivor sometimes feels like an exaggeration. […]

Who Owns Patient Data in Clinical Research?

Charlotte J. Haug, MD, PhD, MSc, International Correspondent, New England Journal of Medicine; Senior Scientist, SINTEF Techology and Society; Adjunct Affiliate, Stanford Health Policy; Oslo, Norway; Email: Follow Charlotte Q: Many people are coming to believe that active patient participation will be a key to more rapid movement forward in cancer research. Data sharing […]

Nicotine Addiction: Harm Reduction by E-cigarettes and Snus

Joel L. Nitzkin, MD, Public Health Physician, New Orleans, LA Email: Follow Joel Q: Tobacco smoking remains the most preventable primary form of cancer causation in Americans. A recent Medscape column urged that harm reduction for confirmed nicotine addicts is the kindest and most effective strategy. How can products like “snus” be helpful? A: […]