Enabling Evidence-Based Care

CollabRx is a clinical decision-support company delivering expert solutions in precision oncology that enable physicians, laboratories, payers, and providers to achieve standardized, evidence-based care and superior clinical outcomes.


Highly credible, current and actionable information to enable personalized cancer treatment planning, and support patient-physician engagement. Learn More


Intuitive and easily accessible “expert systems” combined with leading medical advisors to inform clinical decision-making. Learn More


Data analytics to maximize treatment-related clinical outcomes in a cost-efficient manner. Learn More

NGS Providers

Clinical interpretation of large-scale genetic sequencing data reflecting the latest medical and scientific research. Learn More

Biotech & Pharma

Interpretation of Big Data to support comparative effectiveness research and business intelligence. Learn More


Clinical interpretation of molecular and genetic tests using the latest medical and scientific evidence to provide specific and actionable treatment options. Learn More

Healthcare Publishers

Unique, actionable and “sticky” digital content for Web-based and mobile platforms covering cancer and other diseases. Learn More